Selected Projects

Hidden Water - Architectural Screen Competition, First Place
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Denver Space Center
This addition to a cohousing property in central Denver makes space for a tenant library and rooftop terrace.
Denver Space Center Project Page_working[...]
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Pikabu House
This whimsical addition to a 1960's tract home takes cues from add-on elements throughout the neighborhood.
Pikabu House Project Page_working.jpg
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Tim Geisler on CCTV
CCTV featured Mr. Geisler in 1994 in a program about Chinese traditional carpentry.
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Architecture of the Americas: Storefront Installation 2009
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Michael Solar Porch Shade Study
20081205_Shade Studies.wmv
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The Obvious - a Project for Beijing
In order to preserve and celebrate the ancient "hutong" urban fabric, and at the same time honor the urban planning system of the Forbidden City, build two super-highrises, one to the east and one to the west of the moat.
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Selected Publications

Sprucing Up China's Cities
2005_Sprucing Up Chinas Cities_smaller.p[...]
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Huizhou Carpentry - International Conference on Chinese Architectural History, Hong Kong
2005_Huizhou Carpentry.pdf
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On Public Toilets in Beijing - Journal of Architectural Education
200005_JAE Article_reprint.pdf
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An American Learns Carpentry in Ancient Huizhou
China Tourism Article - American Carpent[...]
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